Temi's Smart Robots Will be Protected by Firedome

Temi’s Smart Robots Will be Protected by Firedome

Temi’s self-navigating robots will be protected by Firedome’s cybersecurity solutions, as the two companies enter into a strategic partnership.

Temi will be integrating Firedome’s security agent into its robots to help protect them from cyber threats and monitor their security 24/7.

Founded in 2017, Temi is a brand of Robotemi, a Tel Aviv-based maker of personal robots that use 3D maps, sensors, and voice commands. In their own words, Temi the robot is “the world’s first, truly intelligent, mobile, personal home robot with Alexa.”

Founded in 2018, Firedome is a provider of real-time endpoint IoT security, it operates a cybersec and privacy platform with advanced marketing and cyber services.

Cybercriminals are becoming more focused on stealing robotic devices due to the explosive growth of the IoT industry, said Moti Shkolnik, co-founder and CEO of Firedome, while commenting on the new partnership. “The robotic market is in the midst of explosive growth and is a prime target for hackers.”

While Yossi Wolf, Temi Co-Founder and CEO, said with the rise of personal robots, it has become more important than ever to secure their users’ privacy and their robots’ security. “With the personal robot market being a lucrative target for cyberattacks, Temi is not taking any chances with security and privacy, and is setting a new benchmark for IoT cybersecurity.”

Temi believes Firedome’s solution will provide them with the best security measures and impeccable integration to support our time to market.

“Temi selected Firedome’s solution due to its unmatched security measures and seamless integration to support expedite our time to market… Ensuring our devices are protected by Firedome will allow us to provide peace of mind to our customers while enabling our rapid expansion to new markets and industries.”

Firedome’s solution is a secure cloud-based platform that enables enterprises to protect their devices from unauthorized access. Its AI-powered agent and software-based monitoring system provide end-to-end protection against hackers.

Moti Shkolnik, Co-Founder and CEO of Firedome, said that they are looking forward to working with Temi to develop the next generation of personal robots.

“The robotic market is in the midst of explosive growth and is a prime target for hackers. Temi is continuing its forward-looking track record in the robotic market by ensuring that its customers and users are protected against cyberattacks. We are privileged to partner with Temi on delivering a new level of security to the smart robotic market.”

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