After a ransomware attack, Stratus Technologies has taken offline its systems to prevent further spread of the attack.

High-availability Server Maker Stratus Faces Downtime After A Ransomware Attack

After a ransomware attack, Stratus Technologies has taken offline its systems to prevent further spread of the attack.

It is unknown or undisclosed what hacker of group of hackers conducted the attack. 

Founded in 1980 as Stratus Computer, Inc., Stratus Technologies is a major producer of fault-tolerant computer servers and software, such as their ztC edge computing devices and the ftServer fault-tolerant server solution. Stratus products are commonly used by telecom companies, banks, emergency call centers, and healthcare providers that require fault-tolerant 99.999% (five nines) uptime.

In an announcement yesterday, Stratus Technologies said that a few days prior they suffered a ransomware attack. The attack forced them to shut down portions of their network and services.

“On March 17, 2021, Stratus Technologies, Inc. was the victim of a ransomware event. Upon detecting suspicious activity, we took several systems offline to isolate the issue and began to initiate our business continuity plan,” the company disclosed today.

As part of their efforts to isolate the attack, Stratus Technologies also shut dow their ActiveService Network (ASN) and Stratus Service Portal.

The Stratus ActiveService Network (ASN) is a service that allows Stratus engineers to monitor devices over secure, private communication channels. By using this service Stratus engineers can respond to problems quickly or automatically replace faulty parts and in this way avoid downtime on customer’s systems. It’s unknown how the ASN’s downtime caused by the attack will impact the uptime of the company’s services.

Stratus Technologies contacted all their impacted customers relying on ASN to provide further support and offered apologies for the incident.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and patience during the pendency of the investigation,” Dave Laurello President and Chief Executive Officer of Stratus Technologies apologized.

The company didn’t disclose any details on the methods the attackers used or whether they demanded a ransom.

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