CyberIntelMag's Threat report

Weekly Cyber Threat Report, March 13 – March 17, 2023

Welcome to CyberIntelMag’s weekly roundup! A place where you can find the most important stories in the cybersecurity world from the past week.

The Good News

This week’s good news includes Siemens and Schneider Electric addressing more than 100 flaws, SAP issuing security updates that fix five severe vulnerabilities, Outlook zero-day exploit used by Russian hackers being fixed by Microsoft, Mozilla releasing Firefox 111 to address high-severity weaknesses, and much more.


The Bad News

This week’s bad news includes the Medusa ransomware gang gaining momentum by targeting global businesses, Lockbit claiming to stealing confidential blueprints through Maximum industries, a massive cyberattack hijacking East Asian sites and redirecting them to adult websites, SVB’s collapse attracting scam artists, Rubrik confirming data leak in GoAnywhere 0-day exploit, exfiltration malware gaining the main focus of cybersecurity worries, credentials and information belonging to government and energy organizations being stolen by YoroTroopers, mobile automated payment system being targeted by the Android banking trojan, and much more.

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