Can a VPN block viruses and malware on its own?

Asked 2 years ago

I want to get a VPN to protect my company's data and I want to know what other features a VPN service could offer me. I am aware that VPNs secure online traffic, making it private so that outsiders do not infiltrate. Does this mean that I can use a standalone VPN service to block off any viruses and malware without needing extra protection from an antivirus?

Koen Porter

Friday, September 23, 2022

A VPN can block viruses and ad malware indirectly. A premium VPN service can stop viruses before they load and land on your device. In fact, some premium VPNs even provide direct virus and malware protection. The well-known VPN service "Surfshark" is one of them. This VPN can help you remove pre-existing malware inside the system, so there's low to no need for an additional antivirus system.

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