Honeywell Says Malware Disrupted IT Systems

Industrial Giant Honeywell Says Malware Disrupted IT Systems

A malware attack forced Honeywell to shut down a portion of its IT systems, the company reported on Tuesday.

The industrial giant said the intrusion was detected “recently” and only a “limited number” of IT systems has been disrupted. 

The company has started an investigation into the incident, and so far Honeywell has found no evidence that the attacker managed to exfiltrate data from systems that store customer records. However, according to its statement, the company doesn’t completely rule out that some customer data may have been impacted.

“At this time, we do not expect this incident will have a material impact on Honeywell,” the company stated. 

Honeywell said they were prompt to localize the attack and involve third-parties in the investigation.

“We promptly took steps to address the incident, including partnering with Microsoft to assess and remediate the situation.” 

Their systems have since been secured, the company said. They identified the attackers’ point of entry and blocked all unauthorized access.

The company notified law enforcement and assured the disrupted services have been restored.

Their investigation is ongoing, but the company says at this point, they have not identified “any evidence that the attacker exfiltrated data from our primary systems that store customer information.” 

“If we discover that any customer information was exfiltrated, we will contact those customers directly,” Honeywell assured. 

As always in such cases, the company assured its customers that security is a top priority for Honeywell, and they are committed to taking all necessary measures to ensure “the highest integrity” of their systems.

Honeywell has not disclosed whether the incident involved a piece of ransomware and provided no further information regarding the incident.

The attack on Honeywell followed closely another attack against Canada-based IoT company Sierra Wireless in which its IT systems were hit by ransomware and production at manufacturing facilities had been disrupted.

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