Do I risk leaking my company's data if I use a free VPN in a restricted country?

Asked a year ago

I need to do month-end payouts for our employees, however, I'm in Egypt until the following month, and they have banned the use of VPNs as far as I'm aware. I need to make payments quickly, but I'm worried that I may risk our company data if I don't use a VPN. Should I try downloading and using a free one, or would it be too risky?

Abeeha Qasmi

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Egypt hasn't banned VPN usage completely. Instead, its law restricts you from accessing VOIP apps using a VPN. Therefore, you can still access legal websites through virtual networks. Using a free VPN will make you prone to breaches and leaks. So, it doesn't matter if the company has blocked VPN access; a free VPN will always have a high data leak ratio. The finest way to stay safe is by using a premium VPN client such as Surfshark.

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