Should I invest in a VPN to encrypt my data if I regularly use Siri?

Asked 2 years ago

I regularly use Siri wherever I go to search for and play music. However, when I thought about this, I realized that I'm not entirely sure how secure this form of music streaming is. Should I get a VPN, or will my data remain secure even when using Siri? Also, will a free VPN be enough, or should I get a paid one?

Filip Dimkovski

Thursday, November 03, 2022

Although there isn't a 100% clear consensus on how Apple's Siri gathers data, a VPN probably won't mask the data you're sending to Siri. Nevertheless, it will still mask the data Siri sends out to the server (in your case music). Regarding the pricing of the VPN in question, both a free and a paid VPN will encrypt data. However, paid ones tend to have faster servers and are more reliable.

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