Does split tunneling on a VPN reduce ISP bandwidth throttling?

Asked 2 years ago

Hello, people of the internet. I chose badly regarding an ISP, and my bandwidth gets throttled before I've even reached two-thirds of the month. I can't withdraw from the agreement without suffering a clawback fee. So here I am wondering if I should get a VPN to hide from my ISP and use the split tunneling feature to encrypt half of the data, thereby lessening the amount of data used. Do you think it will work?

Dillon Wyatt

Monday, August 15, 2022

Split tunneling can be a good way to avoid bandwidth throttling, but keep in mind that split tunneling is not as secure. With split tunneling, only a part of your data gets encrypted, and the other part is left exposed for your ISP or the website's server to see. Regarding your question, the plan will work, but you'll have to face a small security risk.

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