Can I save money by changing my IP location to a place less wealthy?

Asked 4 months ago

Good evening. I love the fact that everything is online and that I can do online shopping and have it delivered to my doorstep with no effort. I've been learning about IP addresses, how they are our devices' identities, and how they give away our location. This got me thinking. Since there are a lot of geo-pricing strategies in stores, would I be able to get a VPN and set it to, say India, and get much cheaper product prices than the EU?

Marcelo Ortiz

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Yes, merchants sometimes have different prices for different countries, so you can definitely save money by changing your geolocation with a VPN. The only problem you might have is with shipping. If you're ordering from a merchant with your geolocation set to India, you might get automatically redirected to your country's version of the website when putting in the delivery address. Nevertheless, this rarely happens and you'll likely order the same product for less money.

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