Will a VPN allow me remote access to my devices at home?

Asked 2 years ago

Good afternoon, I tend to travel a lot, and because of this, I've turned my home into a smart access home so that I can control security and manipulate the lights so that it appears as if someone is at home. My only concern is that leaving my IP address exposed would make me susceptible to being hacked, and in turn, my home will be breached. I'm wondering if a VPN will secure my connection enough for it not to lead back to my home.

Mike Mcmahon

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Remotely accessing your devices without any digital protection can cause a breach. However, a secure connection with VPN can ensure unbreached data transfer through remote access. Whenever a device connects to a VPN, its IP address changes and the VPN encrypts the data to secure the connection. Consequently, it will prevent any hacker from following you back to the home server.

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