Can free VPN services block ISP tracking?

Asked 2 years ago

My brother showed me a free VPN service for me to use for my browsing and downloads. I want my internet activity to be protected- no hackers, no tracing. Since it's a free VPN service, I'm worried that I won't be protected fully. Will it be able to block the possibility of ISP tracking? Please help!

Desmond Howell

Monday, July 11, 2022

Most free and premium VPN services prevent ISPs from spying on your online activity. The best way to avoid ISP tracking is to encrypt your data; a basic VPN does that for you. You can use a free VPN if you don't use multiple devices simultaneously or need a huge data limit. You may get a lower speed on a free VPN plan. Luckily, the encrypted data for ISP blocking and enhanced security is always there, even on a free plan.

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