Do I need to use a VPN with a Kill Switch feature?

Asked 2 years ago

Hi there. I am trying to find out which VPN would be best for me to use for streaming tv shows. While doing research about which VPN to buy, I came across reviews which recommended buying a VPN with a Kill Switch Feature. However, I do not understand why it is necessary to use a Kill Switch feature if VPNs route traffic away from the route assigned by an Internet Service Provider. Anyone know why it is beneficial to buy a VPN with this feature?

Filip Dimkovski

Thursday, December 01, 2022

If you're working with incredibly sensitive data, using a VPN with a kill switch can be quite beneficial. Namely, a kill switch immediately "kills" the connection to a server over the Internet the moment the VPN gets deactivated. Without it, data would continue flowing and some of your unencrypted information might get caught. So, if you're regularly working with financial, medical, or technical data, consider getting a VPN with a kill switch. Although it's not mandatory to use one, it could be quite beneficial.

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