Does a VPN add an extra layer of encryption when streaming on a public network?

Asked a year ago

I'm one of those people who cannot go without music. I find that it helps me to focus, especially in the office. Unfortunately, our building restricts any streaming, it doesn't matter if it's music, videos, or podcast. I use a VPN to bypass the firewall, but I've started wondering if it adds an extra layer of encryption and whether it will be secure enough to use for streaming in a coffee shop.

Filip Dimkovski

Thursday, November 03, 2022

Absolutely! Public networks (like the ones in coffee shops) are very unsafe. In many cases, these public networks have no encryption at all, meaning that a hacker with a simple monitoring tool like Wireshark can see all of the data you're sending over the Internet, including passwords, messages, and even credit card details. So, yes, you should definitely use a VPN if you're on a public network, whether you're streaming or not.

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