Are VPNs safe to do online banking with?

Asked 2 years ago

My mom is disabled and does all her banking online. I don't want her information or safety online to be compromised, so I plan on installing a VPN to keep her banking details private and secure. Will it be safe for her to use a VPN to do online banking?

Damian Gamble

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Yes. Online baking is relatively safer with a VPN than without a VPN protocol. Employing a VPN service is highly recommended when using public WiFi — especially for your confidential data like your bank details. Taking this preventive measure eliminates the risk of prying eyes trying to hack the information of your banking account. Consequently, you enjoy an end-to-end protected online banking experience.

Note: We're talking about premium VPNs here, as most free VNPs may not comply with the optimal security regulations.

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