Is multifactor authentication important for choosing VPNs?

Asked 2 years ago

I recently bought a new laptop for my studies. I am pursuing a Master's degree in journalism from a university that is fully online. Because of this, I want to choose a VPN that will conceal my online activity as I conduct my research for my thesis. I want to have my information kept as secure as possible. Is multifactor authentication important for VPN security?

Desmond Howell

Saturday, July 23, 2022

VPN's security is divided into two ends: server-end and user-end. In the VPN's server-end security, the company solidifies its protection to prevent successful server hacking attempts.

While in the VPN's user-end security protocol, the data protection responsibility is more towards the user. The username and password to enter the account are included in the user-end security. Suppose someone gets their hands on your username and password. In that case, multifactor authentication (MLA) will provide you with another layer of protection and prevent the spying eyes from accessing your account.

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