Is using a paid VPN safer than using a free VPN?

Asked a year ago

Hi there. I am hesitant to pay for a VPN when there are free VPNs out there. I have heard the argument that when it comes to VPNs nothing is free, in the sense that free VPNs may sell the data it receives in some cases. However, what about the fact that there have been breaches from paid VPN providers? Does anyone know if in fact paid VPNs are safer to use?

Abeeha Qasmi

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

While most free VPNs are safe, some are less reliable than they claim to be, and others may even be dangerous. Paid VPNs are more reliable because they have the resources necessary to ensure their security, putting them in a position to protect user data from attacks before they happen. Moreover, free VPN providers are often very new, and their networks may still need to be fully developed or tested for reliability or security. They may also need to gain experience handling large amounts of data than paid providers, leading to slower user speeds.

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