Should I be worried that my VPN will expose my home network?

Asked 2 years ago

I recently switched occupations. I needed a work structure that fit more with my lifestyle. I got a remote job, which gives me the flexibility to work from anywhere. Because I will be working from home, a colleague suggested I invest in a VPN.I am a bit concerned about my home network being exposed if I have a VPN. Will that not open a gateway for prying eyes?

Kade Trujillo

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

VPNs do not actively expose your home network. Instead, they make a secure tunnel from your connection server to the company. This tunnel data undergoes encryption that makes it impossible to access. However, if you are using your company-supplied site-to-site VPN, there is some risk that the prying eyes will get an indirect way to your home network.

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