Which VPNs reliably remove geo-blocked content across platforms?

Asked 2 years ago

I like to stream and watch sports matches (rugby, cricket, football) from other continents like Australia, North America, and Europe. I need a VPN that will protect my private information when I browse online, but that will also reliably remove geo-blocked content across platforms. Please will someone recommend a VPN for me that can do all of these things?

Vince Cole

Monday, July 25, 2022

Almost every reliable VPN will allow you to watch streams - even if they are geo-blocked. In my opinion, you shouldn't look at VPNs that offer geo-block removals - instead, you should look at VPNs that offer the highest speeds, since most VPNs allow you to watch geo-blocked data by default. Consider choosing between NordVPN and Cybershark, as most users have found them to be quite useful for watching geo-blocked content like streams.

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